Recovery from Mail/Web Chat Support Technical Difficulties (May 7)
Important Notices

A notice to PlayStation®4 users needing their Square Enix Account Password
The ID (or email address) field in the Square Enix Account Management system is case sensitive. It's possible during registration, the virtual keyboard auto-capitalized a word after a period. For example, your email might have been registered as "Yourname@email.Com" or "yourname@email.Com" (with the "Y" or "C" capitalized). Please try entering your email address in these formats if it is not being accepted.

Regarding the use of PlaySpan's Ultimate Game Cards or UltimatePoints
PlaySpan has announced important information regarding their Ultimate Game Card and UltimatePoints payment solutions, please review the information found in this KB article.

Incorrectly Registered Service Account
If you have mistakenly registered FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn to the wrong service account, please use this form.

For additional support please contact our Support Center here.


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