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Game Time Card FAQ

Game Time Cards are cards that contain a digital code to redeem for 60 days of pre-paid game time on your FINAL FANTASY XIV service account. Please refer to the following questions for relevant information regarding these Game Time Cards and how they work:


How do I redeem a Game Time Card?

Please refer to a step-by-step walkthrough of how to redeem a Game Time Card.


Where can I purchase a Game Time Card?

Game Time Cards can be purchased from the following retailers:


-Best Buy

-SQUARE ENIX Online Store



Are there Game Time Cards for amounts of time other than 60 days?

Unfortunately, Game Time Cards are only available with a 60-day pre-paid option.


Can I use a Game Time Card on a Legacy account?

Game Time Cards can be applied to Legacy accounts for 60 days of game time. However, please be aware that the Legacy subscription is cheaper overall than the respective amount of time on a Game Time Card.


Can I use my Game Time Card for Crysta or other services?

No, the Game Time Card can only be used to extend game time.


Can I redeem a Game Time Card from a different region?

No; Game Time Cards are region-specific and can only be redeemed on a SQUARE ENIX Account that is registered in the same region. For example, a Game Time Card from an authorized US or Canada retailer can only be redeemed on a North American SQUARE ENIX account.


Can I redeem more than one Game Time Card at a time?

Yes; you can redeem up to three Game Time Cards, provided that you do not exceed the 180-day subscription limit.


I received an error message stating that I exceeded the maximum allowable subscription days.

This error message only appears if you attempt to redeem a Game Time Card that would exceed the maximum allowable subscription time (180 days). Once your subscription drops back below120 days of remaining game time, you can redeem your Game Time Card.

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