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KB Article: 67427
KB Category: [Account/Billing]
KB Sub-category: [Information Change]

Changing your e-mail address and other account details

You canupdate the email registered to your SQUARE ENIX Account as well as otheraccount details by following the steps below:


(1)  Log into the SQUARE ENIXAccount Management System (http://account.square-enix.com).

(2)  Under ‘Account’, select‘Account Information’. You may be required to enter your registered Date ofBirth.

(3)  Select ‘Update AccountInformation’.

(4)  Select the accountdetails you wish to change: ‘Update detailed information’, Update password’,‘Update e-mail address’, ‘Update security question and answer’, or ‘Cancel SQUAREENIX Account’.

(5)  Please note, once yourSQUARE ENIX account is created, you cannot update your SQUARE ENIX ID,first/last name, date of birth, and country/region.


* If youare unable to log into the SQUARE ENIX Account Management System, confirm your SQUAREENIX ID and reset your password if needed. Contact the SQUARE ENIX SupportCenter if account recovery is required. Select ‘Additional Assistance’ belowthis article to contact the Support Center.


For moreinformation regarding login issues please see the article below.