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How to log into the Square Enix Store

I forgot my SQUARE ENIX ID/Password and Security Question & Answer

How do I change my registered information?

I completed the account transfer but can’t log into PlayOnline.

Several Tips for Returning to FFXIV

In-Game/Game Contents

Can a SQUARE ENIX account be shared?

Products & Services

How can I obtain a security token?

What is the URL for the SQUARE ENIX account login page?

Can I access online services unique to other regions?

Which services can currently be accessed through a Square Enix account?

What is a SQUARE ENIX Account?

Security Tokens

Can anyone use my SQUARE ENIX Security Token before I register it?

Why hasn't the password on my SQUARE ENIX Security Token changed even after pushing the button?

SQUARE ENIX Security Token Replacement

What should I do if I want to use my Square Enix Security Token to log into FINAL FANTASY XIV?

What should I enter in Address 1 and Address 2 when purchasing a Square Enix Security Token through the Square Enix Account Management System?

Software Token

What devices support this application?

Will I be able to save the Software Token on an external memory card for Android devices?

I received an error while downloading the Software Token.

While registering the Software Token, where does the registration password get sent to?

I have not received an e-mail that contains the registration password while registering my Software Token..

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