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Item Recovery

If an item is lost accidentally, it may be possible to have it restored. Feel free to contact a GM within a week from the time the item was lost and provide them with the item name, time, and area where the item loss occurred. Requests for item restoration will only be honored a limited number of times, so please utilize this only when a very important item was lost and absolutely must be recovered.

The cases in which items can be restored are as follows:
-"Drop" was selected accidentally, and the item was discarded.
-The item was thrown away as a ranged weapon.
-The item was consumed (Food and potions)
-The item was sold to an NPC.

If a GM can confirm the item loss data in an investigation, the item will be restored. We will usually reply with the investigation results in a few days, but depending on the situation, it may take several weeks, so please be patient in waiting for a response from the GM team. If the item was lost to a programming error instead of an accident, we will restore the item without restrictions on the number of restorations requested. 

You can place a GM call from in-game using the /helpdesk chat command, or contact a SQUARE ENIX Support Center at the bottom of this article. Simply select "Additional Assistance," then select "Next," then select "Next," then choose a contact method.

In any of the below situations, we may not be able to restore the item. If there is any confusion about whether a request falls into these categories, or if there is anything that is unclear, please discuss the matter with a GM.

-The request was made 1 week or more after the item was lost.
-A GM investigated but could not find any log evidence.
-The limit on the number of item recoveries has been reached.
-The item was lost during the lotting process and the item was never in anyone's possession.
-Restoring the item may interfere with the ability to complete missions and quests.
[Note] This includes repeatable mission & quest reward items.
-The item left player's inventory but still exists, for example, items sold to a guild.
-The item is an Augmented Item.
[Note] Items which have added attributes through systems such as Synergy and Fields of Valor may be restored, but without the augments.

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