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Which countries are officially supported in the Americas?

I'm unable to register for a Software Token. Where did the option go?

How do I re-install the Software Authenticator app?

Is it possible for me to have a Security Token and a Software Authenticator tied to my Square Enix account?

How do I switch from a Security Token to a Software Authenticator?

How can I obtain a security token?

How do I perform an emergency removal of the Software Token/Software Authenticator?

I accidentally deleted the Software Token/Software Authenticator application.

Do I need to register a Software Authenticator for every game that I play?

I'm unable to log in to my Square Enix account because I lost my phone.

Will I be able to use the Software Token if I was logging in to my SQUARE ENIX account with my smartphone?

Is it required for me to tie a one-time password to my Square Enix account?

How do I download the Software Token?

Can I tie multiple Software Tokens to one Square Enix account?

How much do the authenticator apps cost?

How does the login restriction work?

How do I take measures to prevent my account from being compromised?

What is the release date for the SQUARE ENIX Software Token?

I am experiencing billing issues.

Is it possible to unlink my PlayOnline account from my Square Enix account?

Number of Hits 531 cases (Display cases between 1 - 20)   Next Page

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