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What kind of promise should I make when lending or borrowing an item?

Please be aware that the lending or borrowing of items may result in fraud. We do not recommend such activity unless the other person is someone you can absolutely trust.

Please exercise due diligence when lending an item to another person. In general, it would we good to make sure the other person agrees to specific terms surrounding the lending of the item.

- The item is only being lent. The borrower must return the item.
- Compensation method in case the borrowed item is lost.
- Both the lender and borrower agree to the terms.

In case you are defrauded, please submit a GM call and we will conduct an investigation. We may be able to return the stolen item to you, if we are able to retrieve it from the fraudster. However, please note that we cannot always guarantee that a stolen item can be recovered and returned to you. We strongly encourage you to exercise caution to avoid being victimized by fraudulent activity.

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