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How do I get my bonus items for the Heavensward Collector’s Edition?

First, please be sure that you have redeemed your Heavensward Collector’s Edition registration code on the Mog Station(Windows/Steam) or PlayStation Network (PS3/PS4). Note that early access codes and registration codes for Heavensward are different and need to be redeemed indifferent areas of the Mog Station.


This article will offer detailed instructions on redeeming your Heavensward registration code:


If you have redeemed your Heavensward Collector’s Edition registration code, and your account on Mog Station shows that you have an “O” mark in the Heavensward Collector’s Edition column, and you have not yet received your items, please check the following:


Ensure that you have free space in your Mog Mail so the items can be delivered. You can have only 20 campaign item letters stored atone time (these are noted as yellow envelopes on the moogle mail window).  Additional campaign item letters, like the one featuring your CE bonus items, cannot be sent until you have free space.

Please remove any old campaign item letters and try selecting the “Reward Delivery Request” button.

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