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Will I be able to transfer my characters from the Free Trial over to the full version?

Yes, your free trial characters can be transferred after upgrading to the full version of the game by following the steps below:

* The steps for upgrading to the full version are different depending on if you are upgrading to PC or to PS4™.


How to Upgrade from free trial to the PC Full Version

1. Obtain a registration code for FINAL FANTASY XIV for Windows, from either a physical or digital version of the game.

2. Log in to the Mog Station using the SQUARE ENIX Account used during the free trial.

3. Click the "Transfer to Full Game" button shown on your free trial service account.

4. Follow the instructions to upgrade to the full version.


How to Upgrade from the free trial to the PS4™ Full Version


1. Either purchase the digital download from the PSN Store, or obtain a registration code from the physical PlayStation®3/PlayStation®4 version of the game.

(if you purchased a physical copy, you will need to register the registration code through the Sony Entertainment Network).

2. Start the game client and log in using the SQUARE ENIX Account used during your free trial, then register the game to your service account.

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