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[PlayStation®4] Crash Abnormal Shutdown

■The game shuts down abnormally and I am returned to the home menu

It is possible that the data installed has been corrupted or another issue is preventing the game from running properly.

Please try these steps to see if they resolve the issue.

1)Perform a system update on your PlayStation®4
Perform the most recent system update and then try a version update for "FFXIV: ARR"

The update can be performed from the home menu by selecting [Settings] > [System Update] > [Update via Internet]

2)Remove peripheral devices to create a more simple environment
Remove any peripheral USB devices (keyboards, mouses, other gaming devices) to create a more simple environment.
Also consider inserting the devices to different USB ports or removing and reinserting them.

3)Re-install Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
It is possible that the installed data has been corrupted.
In this event, the issue may be resolved by re-installing the game.

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