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[PlayStation®4] Disconnection

If you are disconnected during play or logged out due to an unstable connection, there is a possibility of a transmission issue.

Please try these steps to see if they resolve the issue.

1)Perform a connectivity test on your PlayStation®4
Test to see whether your PlayStation®4 is properly connected to the network.

From the home menu, select "Settings" > "Network Settings" > "Internet Connectivity Test" to perform the test.

2)Perform a system update on your PlayStation®4
Perform the most recent system update and then try a version update for "FFXIV: ARR"

The update can be performed from the home menu by selecting [Settings] > [System Update] > [Update via Internet]

3)Restart communication equipment
Turn off the power of your communication equipment for 30 minutes to an hour.
Unnecessary data accumulated on the equipment will be initialized, possibly allowing for smoother transmission.

4)Update firmware of communication equipment
Update your "firmware," the program running your communication equipment.
If firmware is outdated, your communication equipment may not function properly, so please update your firmware before trying the version update again.
*Consult with the help manual when updating firmware. Also, even if your firmware is up to date, rewriting it may improve the situation.

5)Check security services of your internet provider
Depending on your internet provider or service plan, there may be security services included.
Please confirm that these security services permit online gaming.

6)Remove routers
In order to diagnose the issue, remove routers and hubs temporarily.
*This may change your connection to a broadband connection. Please consult with your provider for connection settings.

7)Check router settings
Check the settings of security functions (such as SPI) for your router.
Also, use a port that can be used for the game.

*For details, please consult with the manufacturer of your router.


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