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I accidentally registered my Early Access Code to the wrong Service Account or Square Enix ID. What can I do?

 If you accidentally registered your FINAL FANTASY XIV: A REALM REBORN Early Access Code to the incorrect Service Account or Square Enix ID, we will be able to offer a one-time assistance after you verify your account.

Please take the following steps to contact the SQUARE ENIX Support Center and receive assistance.

(1) Click “Additional Assistance” at the bottom of this article.
(2) Enter “Early Access Code Incorrect Registration Support Form” in the “Contact Details” field and click “Next.”
(3) Click “Next” again in the subsequent screen.
(4) Click on “Square Enix Account Login” and log in to the Square Enix account that you accidentally registered the Early Access Code to.
(5) Click on “Proceed to Email Support.”
(6) Enter your contact details. Please be sure to include your registration code and the Square Enix ID you meant to register the code to within the “Detailed Condition” field. Once you have entered all the necessary information, click “Next.”
(7) Verify the contact details and then click “Submit.”

* For more information on service accounts, please refer to the article below:

* We are only able to provide assistance if the account information for the Square Enix account on which the code was mistakenly registered and the intended Square Enix account match.
* This recovery can only be performed once per account.

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