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[Windows] Crash Abnormal Shutdown

The game shuts down abnormally and I am returned to my desktop. What happened?

In this event, it is likely that the game was shut down because the computer was unable to run a certain process. Please try these steps to see if they resolve the issue.


1) Toggle between Windowed mode and Full Screen mode


Configuration Button→ Screen Settings Tab→ Change settings in Screen Mode

It is possible that changing the screen mode will allow the program to run properly.


2) Lower the resolution and reduce processes

From FINAL FANTASY XIV Config and the in-game config menu, change settings to reduce graphical processes, such as shadows an texture.


3) Update graphics drivers

If the graphics drivers are outdated, the game may not run properly.

If using a commercial computer, check the help manual when updating.

If using a home-built computer, update the relevant drivers for your graphics card, typically found on the manufacturer's website.


4) Remove security programs and firewalls for the game program

There is a possibility that security programs and firewalls are interfering with files related to the game, especially following installation or version updates. Please disable these programs before attempting to run FINAL FANTASY XIV.


5) Remove peripheral devices to create a simpler environment for the program to run

Remove any peripheral USB devices (gamepads, cameras, microphones, headsets, etc.) to create a more stable, simple environment for your computer to run the program. If the situation improves, update the driver software for the removed devices. Consult the help manual of your peripheral device for instructions on updating the drivers or related software.


6) Close any running applications

Because other applications may interfere with your installation, close all other running apps before running the installation file. You can check msconfig to disable startup applications by doing the following:


         1. If using Windows 7 or Windows 10, type 'msconfig' into the search bar.

2. The System Configuration application will launch. Select the "General" tab. Under the "Startup Selection" category, select "Select startup options".

         3. Remove the check from the "Load startup categories" box and press the "Apply" button.

4. Upon clicking the "OK" button, you will be prompted to restart your computer. Windows will restart  with the minimum amount of applications running, so please try your download again.



If the data installed has been corrupted, are install may resolve the issue. Attempt to reinstall the game on a different drive if possible.


■If your computer is shut down, forced shut down or is left with a blue screen and restarts, it is likely that there is an issue with the computer hardware or OS.

If using a commercial computer, report the issues to the manufacturer for support.

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