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2024/06/20 17:00 from FOAMSTARS

Patch Notification (June 21, 2024) Update Version 5.10

Thank you for playing FOAMSTARS.
The game will be updated as of June 21, 2024 (01:00 UTC).
The content of this update is detailed as below:
The WHIP HOP Season adds a new Foamstar, Ramzey, along with other new content and events!

■ New Foamstar: Ramzey
Hailing from the Land of Sheep, the mysterious bubble beastie Ramzey joins the party!
Ramzey debuted during the FUTURE FUNK Season Happy FriYAY Party.
Ramzey's skills have been adjusted for a better player experience. Please refer to the official website for character details.
Unlocked as a Tier 31 reward in the free "WHIP HOP" Season Pass, or immediately with a Premium Pass.

■Shop Update
Premium Pass: WHIP HOP added to the Shop.
*The Emote "Appeal Slideboard" lets you show off your favorite slideboard!

Free Items
Added one free item per week to Limited Products section.

■Season Event: Extreme Party
Two new types of Extreme Parties will be held this season with unique rules:
Skill Shuffle Party!
That means any and all skills will be randomly assigned to the attending Foamstars! Defeat the target number of players to claim victory!
Overlap-OK party!
This means you can select the same Foamstars as others on your team! Defeat the target number of players to claim victory!
*Participate in 10 Extreme Parties s to unlock a Challenge that rewards 30 Energy Stones.

■Season Event: Ranked Party
This season will also feature solo Ranked Party Lonestar and group Ranked Party Tribe-Vibe events.

■Updates: Ranked Party
・Adjusted team matchmaking.
・Adjusted amount of RP earned for longer matches.

■New Challenges
Added the following Anytime Challenges:
Challenge Conditions: Reward (Category)
・Ramzey wins 3 times! - Lamby (Banner Icon)
・Ramzey wins 6 times! - Lamby (Banner Plate)
・Ramzey wins 10 times! - Pitch-dark (Title)
・Ramzey wins 15 times! - Lamby (Title)
・Ramzey wins 30 times! - Fleecy & Fluffy (Banner Plate)
・3-time Ramzey Player - Ramzey (Title)
・10-time Ramzey Player - Ramzey Smile (Banner Plate)
・20-time Ramzey Player - Ramzey's (Title)
・30-time Ramzey Player - Statue: Ramzey (Lounge Decoration)
・50-time Ramzey Player - Ramzey Lover (Title)
・333-time Ramzey Player - Silver Metallic Ramzey (Character Skin)
・777-time Ramzey Player - Gold Metallic Ramzey (Character Skin)
・1500-time Ramzey Player - Pink Metallic Ramzey (Character Skin)
・3000-time Ramzey Player - Black Metallic Ramzey (Character Skin)
・Clear Normal SM as Ramzey - Lamb (Title)
・Clear Hard SM as Ramzey - Dangerous Creature (Title)

The following Foamstar-specific Anytime Challenges were added:
■New Titles
・3000-time Soa Player - Black Metallic Soa (Character Skin)
・3000-time ΔGITO Player - Black Metallic ΔGITO (Character Skin)
・3000-time Rave Breaker Player - Black Metallic Rave Breaker (Character Skin)
・3000-time Tonix Player - Black Metallic Tonix (Character Skin)
・3000-time Penny Gwyn Player - Black Metallic Penny Gwyn (Character Skin)
・3000-time Jet Justice Player - Black Metallic Jet Justice (Character Skin)
・3000-time The Baristador Player - Black Metallic The Baristador (Character Skin)
・3000-time Mel T Player - Black Metallic Mel T (Character Skin)
・3000-time Coiff Guy Player - Black Metallic Coiff Guy (Character Skin)
・3000-tme Chloe Noir Player - Black Metallic Chloe Noir (Character Skin)

・Score 8500 points with Soa - Soa Expert (Title)
・Score 8500 points with ΔGITO - ΔGITO Expert (Title)
・Score 8500 points with Rave Breaker - Rave Breaker Expert (Title)
・Score 8500 points with Tonix - Tonix Expert (Title)
・Score 8500 points with Penny Gwyn - Penny Gwyn Expert (Title)
・Score 8500 points with Jet Justice - Jet Justice Expert (Title)
・Score 8500 points with The Baristador - The Baristador Expert (Title)
・Score 8500 points with Mel T - Mel T Expert (Title)
・Score 8500 points with Coiff Guy - Coiff Guy Expert (Title)
・Score 8500 points with Chloe Noir - Chloe Noir Expert (Title)
・Score 8500 points with Ramzey - Ramzey Expert (Title)

The following challenges were also added:
・Reach Player Level 305! - Energy Stone X 25
・Reach Player Level 310! - Energy Stone X 25
・Reach Player Level 315! - Energy Stone X 25
・Reach Player Level 320! - Energy Stone X 25
・Reach Player Level 325! - Energy Stone X 25
・Reach Player Level 330! - Energy Stone X 25
・Reach Player Level 335! - Energy Stone X 25
・Reach Player Level 340! - Energy Stone X 25
・Reach Player Level 345! - Energy Stone X 25
・Reach Player Level 350! - Energy Stone X 25
・2000-time Ranked Party Player - The King Among Kings (Title)
・2500-time Ranked Party Player - Transcends All (Title)
・3000-time Ranked Party Player - Black Metal (Slideboard)
・2100-time Party Attendee! - Ultra Happy (Title)
・2200-time Party Attendee! - Day Dram (Banner Icon)
・2300-time Party Attendee! - Clumsy Kid (Title)
・2400-time Party Attendee! - Fell to Earth (Title)
・2500-time Party Attendee! - Metaballs (Slideboard)
・2600-time Party Attendee! - On the Way to a Dream (Title)
・2700-time Party Attendee! - The Godparent (Title)
・2800-time Party Attendee! - Super Lucky (Title)
・2900-time Party Attendee! - Dream Fulfiller (Title)
・3000-time Party Attendee! - Day Dream (Banner Plate)
・3000 Total Chills! - Great (Title)
・3500 Total Chills! - Wizard (Title)
・4000 Total Chills! - Leo's Show (Banner Icon)
・1000 Total Nice Saves! - Lovey-dovey (Title)
・1500 Total Nice Saves! - Love! (Title)
・2000 Total Nice Saves! - Juggle Jam (Banner Icon)
・Win Streak at 3! - Super Duper Amazing (Title)
・Win Streak at 5! - Bearer of True Strength (Title)
・Win Streak at 7! - Slide Kick (Slideboard)

Limited-Time Challenges
・Attend a party and play 20 times - Manami An (Banner Plate)
・Attend a party and play 40 times - Ghoulish Glide (Banner Plate)
・Attend a party and play 60 times - Sing Swing Circus (Banner Plate)

The following challenges will be updated daily during the season:
・Attend a party and play 1 time - Energy Stone X 5
・Win 1 time - Energy Stone X 3
・Win 2 times - Energy Stone X 2

The following Titles are unlocked by default:
・Looking for Friends
・I am looking for friends

■New Music
The WHIP HOP Season BGM was added: Battle Music: "128 dps"

■PVP Balance
All Foamstars
・Increased foam buildup.
・Adjusted reaction when colliding with an obstacle while using a skill that makes you jump (such as Bubble Step and Storm Shot 2EZ).
・Adjusted knockback reaction for certain skills.

The Baristador
*Shots now hit the ground faster and travel slightly further.
Skill: Super City Roast
・Reduced post-startup lag, increased range of shockwave, and made shockwave effect easier to see.

Mel T
Skill: Sumptuous Promo
・When fired while the targeting preview is focused in the center, the skill now creates a tower of foam.

Chloe Noir
*Shot foam buildup increased.
Skill: Tireurs à la Mode
・When used while charged, the shot leaves a trail of foam.

■Matchmaking Adjustments
・Reduced matchmaking times for Smash the Star, Rubber Duck Party, and Happy Bath Survival outside of Ranked Party and Private Party matches.

■Squad Mission Update
・If matchmaking takes too long, the mission will start with three or fewer players.

■Stamp Adjustments
The art of the following stamps was adjusted:
•Rave Breaker: Hehehe...
•Rave Breaker: Heh Heh!

・Fixed issue where the "New" mark would not disappear after viewing a new title.
・Fixed issue where character would not jump if there was a wall of foam in front of you when using a skill that makes you jump (such as Bubble Step and Storm Shot 2EZ).
・Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

Jet Justice
Skill: Cosmic Dive
・Fixed issue where character would become stuck in the air when landing on a step.

We hope you continue to enjoy FOAMSTARS.