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2024/03/27 09:00 from FOAMSTARS

Patch Notification (March 28, 2024) Update Version 2.4

Thank you for playing FOAMSTARS.
The game will be updated as of March 28, 2024 (01:00 UTC).
The content of this update is detailed as below:

Character balance adjusted as follows:
Mel T
Increased liquid capacity to help serve as backline support while remaining at a disadvantage in close quarters.
 Normal shot
  ・Reload time reduced by 13%.
  ・Shot damage increased by 20%.
  ・Liquid capacity increased by 40%.

The Baristador
Increased liquid capacity to help lay down sustained suppressive fire from the backline; Super City Roast cooldown reduced to make it a more effective tool for clearing and building up foam terrain.
 Normal shot
  ・Reload time reduced by 13%.
  ・Liquid capacity increased by 12.5%.

Skill: Super City Roast
•Reduced cooldown by 20%.

 Smash the Star
•Adjusted damage of the Bubble Storm to prevent players from being able to surf indefinitely around its outer edge.

■ Communication Functions
•Result screen: Stamps can now be sent a maximum of 20 times.

■ Matchmaking
Reduced wait times.

•Fixed data save issue that was causing communication errors during matchmaking.
•Fixed Ranked Party issue where an Invalid Match would award RP.

We hope you continue to enjoy FOAMSTARS.

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