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I received a message stating that suspicious activity was detected and can no longer log in. How can I log in again?

If you received a message that states “Based upon recent suspicious activity, we have identified that your account may potentially be at risk. For your protection, we have temporarily suspended login access to this account. Instructions for lifting this restriction have been sent to the email address registered to your SQUARE ENIX Account”, you may have a login restriction placed on your account. This usually happens when your account detects a login from a new device or location, or if you’ve returned after a long period of inactivity.

For more details on login restrictions, please refer to the FAQ below.

To lift the login restriction, you will need to reset your SQUARE ENIX Account password. You will receive directions to reset the password in the automated email sent to your registered email address. Follow the directions to change your password in order to remove the login restriction.
If for some reason the automated email does not reach your inbox, or if you accidentally deleted the email, please follow the steps for changing your password through the URL below. The login restriction will be removed once you change your password.

SQUARE ENIX account Password Reset:

If you are not able to remember your SQUARE ENIX account registered email or the email you entered is invalid, contact the SQUARE ENIX Support Center for assistance. You can contact the SQUARE ENIX Support Center by selecting the ‘Additional Assistance’ button located at the bottom of this article.

As an additional note, registering a SQUARE ENIX Security or Software Token can greatly reduce the possibility of a login restriction being placed on your account. For more information regarding Security and Software Tokens, please check the following link:

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