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What is the difference between the Free Plan and the Premium Plan on the FINAL FANTASY XIV Companion App?

All users with an active FINAL FANTASY XIV subscription can access the following features for free on the FINAL FANTASY XIV Companion App:
 * Players currently taking advantage of the free trial or free login campaign cannot use the app.

Free Plan:
 - Register one additional location as a favored destination in-game.
 - Chat with members of your free company, linkshell, or friend list who also use the app.
 - Plan and share events.
 - Manage items in your inventory and Armoury Chest.
 - View items held by your retainers or in your chocobo saddlebag.
 - Use kupo nuts and mog coins to sell and buy items on the market board.
 - Receive a free kupo nut once per day. Carry up to two kupo nuts at a time.
 - Purchase mog coins in-app.

There is also a Premium Plan subscription that will unlock the following features:

Premium Plan:
 - Use an extra chocobo saddlebag in-game, for a total of 140 saddlebag slots.
 - Manage chocobo saddlebag items.
 - Hire an extra retainer in-game for no additional cost.
 - Manage retainer items.
 - Exchange items between retainers.
 - Receive twice the kupo nuts per day and carry a maximum of ten at a time.

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