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Home World Transfer FAQ

For $18 USD, users may move characters between Worlds of their choosing. For further details, please review the Home World Transfer Service guidelines.

How do I initiate a Home World Transfer?

Before requesting a Home World Transfer, please check the Server Status on The Lodestone ( for the current status of Congested and Preferred Worlds. It is possible that users will not be able to transfer to Worlds that are currently listed as Congested Worlds, so ensure that the Home World you wish to transfer to is not listed as Congested.

To initiate a Home World Transfer, please do the following:

1) Log into the intended SQUARE ENIX Account on the Mog Station. (

* If you possess multiple service accounts, you will be taken to the service account selection screen. Please carefully navigate through the tabs and select the correct service account you intend on using the service for, then select "Use This Service Account."

 2) Under "Additional Services," choose "Home World Transfer."

 3) Select the “Submit Transfer Application” option.
 4) Read and accept the terms of the Home World Transfer Service.
 5) Select the service account containing the characters you wish to transfer, then choose “Next.”
 6) Under “Destination Home World Selection,” select the world you wish to transfer to, then choose “Confirm.”
 7) Under “Current Home World and Character Selection,” choose the Home World your character is currently located on, press “Confirm,” then Select “Yes” on the character you wish to be transferred.
 8) Enter your payment information on the next screen, and confirm your payment of the Home World Transfer fee ($18.00 USD).

Once these steps have been taken, the Home World Transfer application is complete.

If you still have any questions regarding this process, please see the following frequently-asked questions:

Why can’t I select the Home World I want to go to?

What can I do if I’m unable to use the Home World Transfer service?

Why am I being told that my character’s name has to change?

Can I transfer characters I have on one Home World to multiple Worlds?

Can I move characters from multiple worlds to one single destination all at once?

I forgot to include a character in my Home World Transfer application. How do I fix this?

I didn’t receive an email confirming that my character was transferred.

I finished the Home World Transfer steps, but my character hasn’t been transferred yet.

What data can be transferred with the Home World Transfer Service?

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