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KB Article: 56723
KB Category: [Account/Billing]
KB Sub-category: [Pricing and Payment]

I am experiencing billing issues.

If you're receiving an error code 401, 406, or 601 while attempting billing, the transaction has been declined. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Reasons for the error may include but are not limited to:

- The transaction being declined by the bank
- Incorrect information provided for the card
- Use of pre-paid debit or credit cards
- Card information not matching Account information
- Cards being used on multiple SQUARE ENIX Accounts
- Insufficient funds available on the card

While the transaction may have been declined automatically for any of these reasons, there are additional reasons that may have caused the error.

Please do not attempt to continue using a declined card as it may cause a temporary lockout from billing on the account. If you're receiving a billing declined error, it is possible there is a temporary lockout on the account. When receiving 401 or 406 errors, please wait a minimum of 24 hours before attempting the transaction. For a 601 error, please wait at least 48 hours.

Although the transaction may be declined by our authentication system, several convenient alternative payment methods are available for you to successfully make your purchase. If you'd like to make your purchase immediately, you can attempt to purchase Crysta via PayPal, which allows the customer to use PayPal's authentication system.

If you are receiving an i2501 error, this is an error that is triggered by the system to protect accounts. Many actions can trigger this error, such as a slow internet connection, use of a VPN or an odd connection (EG: schools or cafes), a possible virus detected on the device, many rapid payments at once, and numerous other actions.

We advise clearing the cache/cookies/browsing data from your default web browser, disable any web browser extensions (EG: ad-blocker), or switch to Microsoft Edge and try again. You may also try using a smartphone running on a mobile data connection (WiFi disabled). We also suggest resetting the connection (router/modem) you are using to connect to the Internet and waiting a full 24 hours since your last attempt before trying again.

Once again, we do apologize for the inconvenience these errors may have caused, however, we hope this information helps resolve this issue. If the issues persist, please contact us and we will assist further.

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