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Upcoming Changes to FINAL FANTASY XIV Payments

Thank you for your continued support of FINAL FANTASY XIV.
We have an announcement regarding upcoming changes related to game subscriptions, as well as all purchases made from the Mog Station and the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Store.

Beginning June 25, 2024, all customer transactions on the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Store and Mog Station, including game subscriptions, will be subject to any state or local sales tax, where applicable. Any purchases made following the introduction of these changes will be adjusted to include estimated sales tax based on the address registered on the Square Enix account from which the purchase is made.

Please note that this change will also apply to recurring subscriptions paid by credit card or Crysta to your service account, and any subscription charges processed following the introduction of these changes will also be subject to applicable sales tax.

To avoid incorrect charges, please ensure that the address registered to your Square Enix account is correct. You can confirm and update your registered address by logging into the Square Enix Account Management System ( and accessing the "Account Information" section from the "Account" menu.

Additional details regarding these updates will be provided in future notices.

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