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What are FFXIV Coins?

FFXIV Coins can be purchased on the Microsoft Store and exchanged on the FFXIV Online Store or Mog Station for service course subscriptions, optional services, additional paid optional subscriptions, and optional items.

To use the Microsoft Store and purchase FFXIV Coins, you must use the same Xbox account that is linked to the Square Enix account you wish to use to play the game.

If you are using the Xbox Series X|S version, you can check your FFXIV Coins balance by logging into the Mog Station or the Online Store.

If your FFXIV Coins balance is not displayed, please switch to Xbox mode.

FFXIV Coins are deposited to your Square Enix account when you log into the game. After purchasing the FFXIV Coins from the Microsoft Store, be sure to launch the Xbox Series X|S version of Final Fantasy XIV and log in.

If they are not deposited after logging in, please check that the region of your Square Enix account matches the region of the Xbox account you used to purchase the FFXIV Coins.

FFXIV Coins purchased from the Microsoft Store in a different region to the region of your Square Enix Account cannot be used.

If you continue to have issues, please contact the Square Enix Support Centre with any error codes you may have received by clicking the "Additional Assistance" button at the bottom of the page.

If you are only using the Xbox Series X|S version, the only payment method available is FFXIV Coins.

If your Square Enix account has a license for the retail version of Final Fantasy XIV for any platform other than the Xbox Series X|S version, you can use a payment method other than FFXIV Coins by visiting the Mog Station or FFXIV Online Store website. Please note that FFXIV Coins will be the only payment option available when visiting these services directly from the Xbox Series X|S console.

If payment methods other than FFXIV Coins do not appear on Mog Station or the Online Store, please select "PS5|PS4/Windows/Mac/Steam” to switch modes.

If you are unable to switch, please try accessing the website via a web browser on a PC or smartphone.

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