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Several Tips for Returning to FFXIV

In an effort to make returning to FINAL FANTASY XIV as smooth as possible, we wish to provide some tips to help users avoid some of the issues that they may encounter.


1) If you’re unable to locate your Square Enix ID, you should attempt to log in using the email address you used when creating the account. Please keep in mind the email is case sensitive, so if it does not match, you’ll receive a notice stating the email is not linked to a Square Enix Account.

You can log into the account via the Mog Station at:

If you need to reset the account password, please visit:


2) A login restriction may be placed on an account when abnormal login activity is detected. To remove the restriction, you must reset the account password. You can mitigate further login restrictions by registering two-factor authentication (such as the Software Token or third-party authentication software) to the account.

Here are several instances where login restrictions may be applied:


·      Logging in after an extended amount of time since your last log in.

·      Logging into the Mog Station or game launcher from a different device/location.

·      Logging into the Mog Station or game launcher while using a VPN.

·      Logging in with a different IP address from your last login.

For information regarding login restrictions and how to resolve them, please visit:


3) If you use a Square Enix Software Token and you plan on purchasing a new mobile device or upgrading your current one, you will need to remove the token first by logging into the Square Enix Account website, deactivating it, and then registering a new one.


If you have lost your emergency removal password and need assistance removing the token, please visit:


For information on how to remove a token, please visit:

For information on how to register a token, please visit:

4) To confirm you are logging into the intended account, please make a note of your Square Enix ID and any characters you create. You can check the character names and their Worlds by logging into the Mog Station.

Use the following steps to keep track of your characters and ensure you are accessing the desired account.

·      The Square Enix ID is listed in the upper right corner after logging in

·      Characters on the account are listed further down the page


5) Steam and Windows are designated as two separate platforms. If you are purchasing an expansion pack, or upgrading from the Free Trial, be sure to purchase the version that matches your existing/desired platform.


If you purchased and registered the Windows version of the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Starter Edition and/or expansions, then your future purchases must also be for the Windows version of the products. This also applies to the Steam versions of the game, where registering a Steam license means that future purchases must also be Steam versions.

You can confirm the platform you are using by logging into the account on the Mog Station.

For more information on the differences between the Windows and Steam versions, please visit:

6)  If you have any issues that you are unable to resolve, our support team is more than ready to help! Please reach out to us at:

Please note that for assistance related to your account, our team may require the following to verify ownership of the account:

·      Full name on the account

·      Date of birth

·      Email associated with the account

·      Physical address associated with the account

·      Square Enix ID


Please ensure the account details are accurate and matches the information that was registered when the account was created.

Following these tips will help to ensure you are able to easily access the account and that your FINAL FANTASY XIV experience will be a positive one.

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