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Why is my Shadowbringers Game Code invalid?

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers registration codes cannot be redeemed on the Mog Station until Tuesday, July 2, 2019. Until that time, trying to redeem the code could show an error saying “This code is invalid.” However, the code is not invalid, it just cannot be redeemed yet. After the stated date, codes may be redeemed.

If you are still having trouble after that time, please read through the following common resolutions:

1) If you are registering a Windows/Steam/Mac Shadowbringers code, ensure you are using the “Enter Expansion Registration Code” option in the Mog Station. PlayStation 4 users who purchased a physical copy of Shadowbringers will need to redeem their product code on PlayStation Network using the “Redeem Code” option.
2) The code must be entered with all capital letters and no symbols. Ensure you are not entering the dashes shown in the code.
3) The following letters and numbers can sometimes be confused, so please make note of these when entering the code.
8 [eight] and B [Bravo]
0 [zero] and O [Oscar]
0 [zero] and D [Delta]
O [Oscar] and D [Delta]
A [Alpha] and R [Roger]
5 [five] and S [Sierra]
I [India] and 1 [One]
A diamond shape is likely to be an O [Oscar]
A square shape is likely to be a 0 [Zero]

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