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I'm getting a message that says "This World is currently full. Players in queue: #" and can't login.

At times, Worlds may experience more traffic than they can handle and become unstable. During these times, it may be necessary to have some players wait to sign into the World. When server congestion becomes severe, queues may be longer due to an extremely large number of players trying to sign in at the same time. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by such a queue.

* Note that if you cancel your login, you will lose your place in the queue should you log back in.

Please also read the following Lodestone topic regarding congestion expected during Dawntrail's launch.

◆How to log into Worlds with lower population

Please follow the steps below to transfer and log into a World with lower population in the same Data Center.

1. Open the character selection screen.
2. Select the character you wish to log into and open the subcommand.
3. In the subcommand menu, select "Visit Another World Server."

Although some restrictions to gameplay will apply while visiting another World, you will still be able to progress through the main quest. Please make use of this feature while you wait for congestion to go down in your Home World.

Please refer to the following guide for more information on restrictions that apply when visiting another World.

◆World Visit System

*The "Visit Another World Server" option will select a World in the same Data Center that has less characters logged into it. Please note that such Worlds may also experience congestion and queues immediately after early access begins or other peak hours.

◆For those playing the Free Trial

When a login queue is in place, players on the full version of the game will be prioritized for logging in. Free Trial characters will be able to log in after the login queue has been cleared. This allows us to prioritize our paying customers and will mean longer wait times for Free Trial users, but we would like to ask for your understanding on this matter.

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