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My account was improperly banned/suspended/restricted.

If you believe that an action on an account (ban/suspension/restriction) was taken improperly, it may be reviewed. These types of restrictions may be checked for accuracy to ensure that appropriate actions were taken. Please keep in mind, our review will not provide any additional information about the restriction. However, if the account action was improperly issued, we may be able to assist you further.

If the account action was the result of an account compromise, please submit a request for Game Data Recovery instead, so that we may investigate the issue through the proper channels:

If you are completely unable to log into the account, or have forgotten your Square Enix ID, please submit a ticket via the Support Center website:

If you would like to start the Account Action review process, please log into the account in question below to be taken to our request form.

FAQ Article: 77536
FAQ Category: [Account/Billing] / FAQ Sub-category: [ Disciplinary Actions]

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