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Prohibition on the Unauthorized Resale of FINAL FANTASY XIV Registration Codes

As you may already know, SQUARE ENIX prohibits any unauthorized resale, distribution, or transfer of FINAL FANTASY XIV registration codes.  Registration codes acquired via such unauthorized resale, distribution, or transfer may be in authentic, non-functional, or may have been originally obtained by fraud or theft, and use of such registration codes may result in the suspension or termination of your FINAL FANTASY XIV or SQUARE ENIX account, or other consequences.

In addition, beginning on March 24, 2016, players will not be able to register new FINAL FANTASY XIV accounts with Steam registration codes that were resold, distributed, or transferred in an unauthorized fashion (i.e., Steam registration codes that were transferred in any way other than as expressly permitted by Valve Corporation via the Steam platform).  This restriction shall apply only to new accounts at this time.

Valve Corporation is the only third party authorized to sell the Steam version of FINAL FANTASY XIV, or distribute Steam registration codes for FINAL FANTASY XIV, at this time. If you believe you may have acquired a registration code or other materials via an unauthorized resale, distribution,or transfer, please contact the seller for assistance.  If you experience any difficulty using Steam registration codes, please contact Valve Corporation customer service for assistance.

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