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What is the difference between the Steam and Windows PC versions of FINAL FANTASY XIV?

Both versions of FINAL FANTASY XIV are identical. However, due to some additional features associated with the Steam platform, a standard Windows PC version of FINAL FANTASY XIV is incompatible with a Steam version of the same title. Expansions also must be registered on the same platform as their base game.

Notices regarding this version incompatibility are available on the product pages for both the SQUARE ENIX Online Store and the Steam Store. Please be sure to purchase the correct version for your SQUARE ENIX Account.

Please also note, on August 29, 2019, we implemented a restricted login check process for Steam service account users as part of our fraud prevention measures. Due to this, for Steam version service accounts, the FINAL FANTASY XIV client application will need to be launched from your Steam Library directly. Any other method of direct startup will no longer be available, and you will receive a message stating that you do not have any subscriptions or game time on the account.

In addition, if you have a non-Steam Windows version registered on a service account, you will need to use the standalone Windows launcher downloaded from our official site. Non-Steam Windows service accounts will no longer be able to launch the game from Steam. For more information, please refer to the Lodestone article here:

Please note that this means if you are playing on the normal Windows launcher and this does not work then you will need to download the launcher through the Steam client which you can download from Steam. If you are using the Steam launcher and it does not work, you will be required to use the normal Windows launcher downloaded from this site:

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