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I'm receiving a 401/406/601/i2501 error message when I try to enter my credit card information.

The 401, 406, 601 and i2501 errors may occur if you enter incorrect payment information, causing the financial institution responsible for the card to reject the payment method.


Additionally, these errors can occur if you are not currently in the country where your card was issued. Similarly, if you are using a VPN or proxy service that changes your IP address to that of another country, this can also trigger the error.


If you experience the problem more than twice, please avoid attempting to register the payment method again, as multiple payment failures can lead to the card being blocked for up to 30 days.


Before trying again, please check the following:

o Ensure that all entered payment details are correct

o Contact your bank to confirm they are not blocking registration to an online payment service

o Ensure there are enough available funds on your card or account


If you have encountered error 401, please consider one of the following solutions before trying again:

1) Use an Internet browser for which no add-ons have been installed,

2) Use the incognito mode of your browser, in which all add-ons are automatically deactivated,

3) Try to disable your internet browser add-ons one by one.

4) Use PayPal to purchase Crysta to complete your purchase.


Should the issue persist after checking the above, please contact us with the following information:

o Exact error message/code number

o The item or service you're attempting to purchase


o Payment method you are trying to use (credit/debit card or Crysta)

o Type of the card used (Visa, MasterCard, etc.)

o Country the card was issued in

o Country you are currently in

o Name of the bank that issued the card

o Number of times you tried to process the payment after you got the initial error message

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