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About In-Game Support

In-game support in FINAL FANTASY XIV is provided by our Game Master (GM) support team. GMs are members of the SQUARE ENIX team and work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure a fair, safe, and fun experience for all of our players.

If you have placed a GM Call, a GM can respond via several channels, including:
 • Support Desk Message (As a reply to a user’s GM Call)
 • In-Game Chat

In-Game GM Appearance
Game Masters in FINAL FANTASY are easily recognizable by several distinct features which are exclusive to GMs:
 • Unique Name (First name is "GM")
 • Unique armor (Red in appearance)
 • Unique Icon next to their name (GM helmet icon)

Contacting a GM
In order to contact a GM, you will first need to submit a GM Call via the in-game Support Desk feature by using the escape key to bring up the menu.

You can also use the “/supportdesk” command in the chat window to bring up the Support Desk.

You will be presented with a list of common issues and solutions. Select the "Contact Us" tab and choose the most relevant option to submit a report or inquiry to the GMs. The options include Report Harassment, Report Cheating, Report a Bug, and Leave a Suggestion. If none of the options match your issue, please choose Report Harassment.

GMs will assist with the following types of issues:
 • Harassment
 • Inappropriate Behavior
 • Activities that affect game balance
 • Real Money Transactions (RMT)/RMT Solicitation
 • Impersonation
 • Grief Tactics
 • Item Reimbursement

For a more comprehensive list of some of these prohibited actions, please check the Knowledge Base article titled “Prohibited Activities in FFXIV” located here:

FAQ Article: 68093
FAQ Category: [In-game] / FAQ Sub-category: [Game Master Services]

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