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Romancing SaGa Re;UniverSe "Account Deletion" Form

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This form is for receiving requests to delete an account in the event that the customer is unable to perform the account deletion on their own for Romancing SaGa Re;UniverSe.
・If you currently have access to Romancing SaGa Re;UniverSe, instead of using this form, please perform account deletion by selecting "Menu" at the top right of the home screen and then choosing "Delete Account."

・If your data is already linked
If you have uninstalled Romancing SaGa Re;UniverSe but have previously linked your data, it is possible to reinstall and transfer the data by using "Data Link" from the "Menu" on the title screen when starting the application.
After transferring the data, please perform account deletion by selecting "Menu" at the top right of the home screen and then choosing "Delete Account."

If there are any circumstances preventing you from being able to delete the account by using the application, please review the disclaimer below and submit a request through this form by providing the information required to locate your account.
If you cannot give your consent to the following terms, we will be unable to accept your request.
Additionally, once you have submitted your application, we will consider that to be you having given your consent to the following terms.

【Must consent to the following】

・An account cannot be restored once it is deleted. Please consider carefully when deleting an account.

・We will be unable to provide support if contacted about restoring a deleted account.

・After an account is deleted, if the data had been linked, none of the linked devices will be able to play using that account, and the application will need to be reinstalled if you wish to play again with a new account.

・The following data will not be deleted even if the account is deleted.
 ・Payment data such as purchase history
 ・Completion status of certain quests, missions, etc.
  Player data unrelated to account information
 ・Data outside the application such as Facebook link credentials
  *If you wish to delete credential information for things such as "Sign in with Apple/Google Play Games/Facebook"
  please consult the provider for each account.

・Please be aware that even if a request is made using this form, we may be unable to delete the data if it is difficult to verify that you are the owner.

・If there is not enough information to locate the data, Information Center will reach out to you. Please be aware that we cannot response to any inquiries regarding the status of the request or when an account will be deleted.

If you consent to the above, please enter the information for the game data of the account you wish to delete in the form below and submit it.

Please enter your details in the form below.

* Required Field
Agree to the terms*  
Contact Email Address*
Confirm Email Address*
Player ID*
*Please enter the Player ID of the account you wish to have deleted without including any commas.
Player Name*
* This is your in-game name, NOT your real life name.
Player Rank*
Adventurer Rank*
Name of the device last used to play with the game account you wish to delete*
e.g.: iPad 4 Mini, iPhone 7, etc.
When did you first play the game?* / /   
* Month / Day / Year   Hour (PT)
* Please give an estimate if you are not sure.
When did you last play the game?* / /   
* Month / Day / Year   Hour (PT)
* Please give an estimate if you are not sure.
Past Purchases
If you have made any in-app purchases, please provide purchase information in the format below.
If you made multiple purchases, please enter the most recent one
・Number of Jewels Purchased
・Date of Purchase (Ex: 12/8/2018 12:12)
・If you used Android, please provide the Google Play order number
Story Progress in the "Shirei Arc" 1*
Enter your progression in the "Shirei Arc" as shown in the example.

Episode: Ep. 1 "Shirei the Minstrel"
Stage: Stage 1 "A Wandering Minstrel"


Story Progress in the "Shirei Arc" 2* Stage

Name of Acquired Styles:*
Please enter 5 Styles you obtained from a Summon
※Enter the Style information as shown in the example. If all fields are not filled out or if the example is not followed, we may reach out to you for confirmation.

・Level: 30
・Style Name: [Rewards of the Trials]
・Character Name: Albert
Style 1

Style 2* Style 2

Style 3* Style 3

Style 4* Style 4

Style 5* Style 5

Additional details about the account*
If you remember any of the following details shown in the examples, please enter them as well.
・Name of the Free Quest You Have Unlocked Most Recently:
・The Spiral Corridor Floor You Have Completed Most Recently:
・Name of the Last Style You Acquired:
・Owned SSS Weapon(s):
・Owned Jewel(s):
・Owned Aurum:

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