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Romancing SaGa Re;UniverSe Account Recovery Request Form

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Please use this form to request assistance for account recovery after thoroughly reading and agreeing to the terms listed below.

Please note that we are unable to provide assistance unless you agree to these terms.

Submission of this form will indicate that you have read and agreed to these terms.

Account Recovery Terms

- Please do not reinstall the app after you have submitted this form.

- Game data created on the temporary account will be overwritten by the game data that is being restored.

- Any styles and weapons obtained on the temporary account will not be restored.

- Jewels purchased on the temporary account cannot be transferred to the account that is being restored. Therefore, please refrain from purchasing jewels on the temporary account.

 *"Temporary account" refers to the account you created in order to access this form.

- If the original account is being restored on a device running on a different operating system (e.g. Original account was created on an iOS device but is being restored on an Android device), jewels that were purchased on the account cannot be restored. Purchased jewels are managed on a per-platform basis

- Please fill out each field as accurately as possible so that the account data can be located.

- Please also try to fill out fields you are unsure about to the best of your memory.

- We may contact you when your account is restored, or in case we need to ask for additional information. Please understand that we cannot reply to inquiries regarding the status of an ongoing investigation.

If you agree to the above terms, please fill out the details of the account you wish to have restored and click on 'Submit.'

Please enter your details in the form below.

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Agree to the terms*
Contact Email Address*
Confirm Email Address*
Player ID*
* If you don't have access to your Player ID, please write "0."
Player Name*
* This is your in-game name, NOT your real life name.
When did you first play the game?* Please enter the date that you first played the game on your original account.
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* Please give an estimate if you are not sure.
Quest Progress* Please enter the story quest you at.
(Example: 1-1-1 Normal/Hard/Very Hard)
Styles in Possession* Please name Styles in your possession (Name, Style Type, Style Level).
(Example: Polka, A Style, Lv. 30)

Past Purchases* If you have made any in-app purchases, please provide purchase information in the format below:
 Order ID
 Date of Purchase
 Number of Jewels Purchased

If you have not made any in-game purchases, please write "N/A".

 Jan. 1, 2020
 100 Jewels
$1.00 USD
Additional Details Please add any other account information you would like to provide.

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