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2021/03/30 03:00 from DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS

Service Closure

Message to all fans of DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS and the Dragon Quest Series

Thank you very much for playing DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS.

We regret to inform you that on 2021/6/30 23:59 UTC, the DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS service will come to a close.

We know this comes as sudden news for all those who enjoy the game regularly, and we sincerely apologise to you all.

For those of us in the development and administration team, it's been a wonderful journey to bring DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS to players all over the world.

Since launching the service on February 25th, 2020, we've worked hard to provide players with tons of fun along the way, including items and features exclusive to the global version of DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS. In the midst of 2020, our Singapore development office was gravely affected by the coronavirus, halting development for a period of time and caused much inconvenience to players.

After development restarted, we focused our efforts on developing new ideas, including adding global version-exclusive collab events, and also adding events for the winter holidays, new year and our recent 1st-anniversary celebration. But when it became clear that we could not continue to provide a service that would meet the standards of our players, we decided to end the service. We apologise to everyone for falling short of our goal.

The large amount of valuable feedback and support provided by everyone who's played the game has always been a source of encouragement for the development and administration team. Thanks to all for your amazing support. Although a limited amount of time remains until end of service, we are planning a large amount of features and campaigns for the upcoming months.

■ Schedule Until End of Service
・Notice Regarding the End of Service (This Notice)
2021/3/30 07:00 UTC

・Sales of Gems, Star Passes (Monthly), Star Adventurer's Passports and pack sets to be discontinued as of this notice.
Note: You can still use all Gems in your possession until the end of service.
Note: The end of sales will affect different stores and platforms at different times. As a result, subscriptions may be automatically renewed after the end of maintenance.

・End of service
2021/6/30 23:59 UTC

■ Notices
・Purchased Gems and items cannot be returned or exchanged.
・If your subscription is automatically renewed after the end of maintenance, please contact your platform provider.
・After service has ended, from 2021/07/01 00:00 UTC onwards, you will not be able to access the game (a communication error message will be displayed).

■ Some Measures Provided Until End of Service
・Almost all of the Lucky Chest Draws offered from now on will offer a free 10-Lucky Chest Draw for one time only.
We hope you can take advantage of this opportunity to obtain the equipment you've been wanting.
 See the future Lucky Chest Draw announcements for more details.
・New equipment, alchemy equipment, and awakening equipment will be offered regularly until the end of service.
・To help you better enjoy future content, we will fine-tune the events to make it easier to boost your vocation levels.
Note: We will continue to inform you of other measures taken via in-game notices.

We hope you will continue to enjoy DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS to the very end.
We also hope you'll continue to love playing the Dragon Quest series.
Thanks again to everyone who has taken this journey with us.

Your DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS Development and Administration Team

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