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KB Article: 79487
KB Category: [Account/Billing]
KB Sub-category: [Account Recovery]

I've lost access to my account and need to recover it.

If you did not back up your data and need help recovering your account, please follow the steps below to request for assistance.

1) Create a temporary account on the same device that you lost access to your original account.
*Please be sure to create the temporary account on the same device, or a device running on the same operating system. If the temporary account is created on a device running on a different operating system (iOS vs. Android), we will not be able to restore jewels that were purchased on the original account.

2) Access this article through the 'Contact Us' button in the title screen of Romancing SaGa Re;UniverSe while on the temporary account.

3) Tap here to access the account restoration form.

4) Carefully review the terms for account restoration. If you agree to the terms, please fill out the form as detailed as possible and hit Submit.