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What is the Premium Plan for the FINAL FANTASY XIV Companion App?

The Premium Plan is an additional paid subscription option for players who want more than the free benefits offered, and want to use additional features.

Please note that the benefits will only become apparent once your in-game character is able to hire retainers, so please unlock that feature in FINAL FANTASY XIV before considering upgrading to the premium plan.

Premium Plan Benefits:
 - Use an extra chocobo saddlebag in-game, for a total of 140 saddlebag slots.
 - Manage chocobo saddlebag items.
 - Hire an extra retainer in-game for no additional cost.
 - Manage retainer items.
 - Exchange items between retainers.
 - Receive twice the kupo nuts per day and carry a maximum of ten at a time.

The Premium Plan subscription is currently $5.00 USD for 30 days. It can be purchased through the Mog Station ( through "Your Account" then "Companion App" under "Additional Paid Options." Please take note of the following billing information:

 - The Premium Plan subscription period will be equal to the subscription time remaining on the selected service account.
 - The initial charge for this optional service subscription will be calculated on a prorated basis.
 - The minimum credit card charge for prorated payments will be $1.
 - If your service account has a recurring subscription (via credit card, Square Enix Crysta, or a Steam account), the companion app service subscription will follow the same billing cycle once the prorated subscription payment has been processed.

Please also note the following information and restrictions:

 - Premium plan features may be used by all characters on the same service account.
 - It may take up to an hour before premium plan features become available after purchase.
 - Premium plan bonuses will not apply to previously claimed login bonuses.
 - In-game premium plan features will become available after logging into the game. If you are logged in when purchasing the premium plan, please exit the game and log in again.

For more information on the FINAL FANTASY XIV Companion App and its features, please visit

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