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KB Article: 73105
KB Category: [App-related]
KB Sub-category: [ App Errors]

The app crashes.

Please consult the possible solutions below if the app crashes:

- Your device may be running out of free memory. If you have any resident apps running, please end them.
*Rather than suspending the apps, tap the HOME button twice to open the task screen and close out the apps from there.

- If the file size of your wallpaper is large, please remove it.

- If you are playing the high definition version, please try playing in the normal definition version.

- Having too much data already stored on your device will increase the likelihood of an error occurring. Try deleting unnecessary files such as unused apps, images, and sound files.

- Try turning your device off, waiting for a few minutes and turning it back on again.

- Ensure that you have the latest OS version installed on your device.
* Please check if the latest OS version is compatible with the app before proceeding with the update.

- In the app go to ‘Config’ from the ‘ETC’ menu and check in the ‘Delete sound data to conserve storage memory’ option. If this does not resolve your issue, please also check in the ‘Play without sound to conserve memory’ option.

- If the app crashes during cutscenes, you can skip the cutscenes and continue the game by selecting the ‘Skip Cutscene and Resume’ option. Certain cutscenes can be viewed again through the ‘Story & Theater’ option in the ‘ETC’ menu.

- If the app crashes during multiplayer matches, please check the ‘Use simpler models for party members’ option in the ‘Party Selection’ menu.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please delete the app and re-install it.

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