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KB Article: 69449
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[Troubleshooting] Game freezes while playing

Please check the following in cases where the screen freezes mid-game or goes black.

Check whether there is any dirt or damage to the disc if the same issue repeatedly occurs at the same point in the game.

- If the disc is dirty, clean it with a soft cloth by gently wiping from the center of the disc outwards, then test the game again. Note that scratched discs may permanently fail to work.

- If the disc is neither scratched or dirty, try to see if the disc runs correctly on another console. If so, and you believe there may be a problem with your console, please contact the retail outlet where you purchased it.

*Note that scratched discs may permanently fail to work.

If you are still experiencing problems with the game disc, please contact the Square Enix Support Center for assistance.

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