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How do I buy Garaz?

Can I play the demo version even though I'm already playing the full version?

BABYLON'S FALL Gameplay Video & Live Streaming Guidelines

What are the system requirements to play BABYLON’S FALL?

Can other players see that I am in a private HQ?

What happens if there are no more players in the private HQ?

If I create a new character, will I have to start my progress from the beginning?

Can I go to a Sentinel HQ with a player I have played with before?

How can I collect BP for the Battle Pass?

What is the file size of BABYLON'S FALL?

Can I go on a quest with an NPC?

Can I transfer the save date from the trial version to the full version?

Are there any differences in stats based on faction or type?

Is there a monthly subscription fee to play BABYLON'S FALL?

Can I equip the same equipment on multiple characters?

If I abandon or fail a quest, will I still get the items I obtained in the quest?

Are there particular weapons or armors that each faction is good at or bad at?

Can I delete the game data and play the game from the beginning?

Do cosmetic items keep the same equipment stats while only changing the appearance?

How do I enter my serial code?

Number of Hits 54 cases (Display cases between 1 - 20)   Next Page

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