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[CS] Can the game be played offline without internet connection?

After finishing a Multiplayer round, a Dungeon appears but I am unable to select it. What can I do to select it?

[All consoles] Where can you receive the purchased DLC in-game?

[All consoles] Can I play in a different language?

[Smartphone] When changing to a new iPhone device, after synching with my account, I am unable to load the data.

[All platforms] Is there a difference between the original Gamecube version?

[Switch] Can I play local play on my Nintendo Switch?

[All platforms] Can the save file on the LITE version be transferred over to the full version?

[CS] What should I do if I do not want to play with other platforms on multiplayer mode?

[All devices] I would like to transfer the save data on another platform. Would I be able to use my DLC on my new platform?

[All devices] The one-time friend code disappeared on the "Friends" screen.

[PS4] The icons for the full version save data and LITE version save data are the same and I can't differentiate between the two.

[All devices] The magicite on the dungeon floors stutter when I'm playing on multiplayer mode.

[All devices] The instructions on "Data Transfer" says, "The transfer code will be valid for 24 hours after activation", but I was able to use the code after 24 hours have passed. Is it safe to download the save file from a code that exceeds 24 hours from activation?

[Smartphone] My device gets hot when I am playing the app.

[All devices] I got a disconnection error after defeating the dungeon boss in multiplayer mode and did not receive any rewards after clearing the dungeon.

[Smartphone] I noticed after buying additional content that certain products I didn't buy were showing up as "Purchased." Were they purchased on their own?

Number of Hits 17 cases (Display cases between 1 - 17)  

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