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2017/09/16 00:45 from Meshi Quest

[Important] App Behavior Under iOS 11 and Later

Thank you for playing Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen.

This is a notice regarding Apple's upcoming iOS 11, as well as the new devices iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X soon to be released.

After the official release/sales begin of iOS 11, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X devices, we will be confirming app behavior under each of these in the order they are released.

Because there is the possibility that the app may not work correctly under iOS 11/the new devices at the initial time of release, we ask that you use caution when performing an update to version iOS 11 or later.

*If you are updating to version iOS 11 or later, please be sure to perform a data backup beforehand.

[How to Back Up Data]
1. Select the "Change Device" button on the Title Screen.
2. Read the Terms of Usage, and select "I Agree" to register.
3. Select the SNS account to register.
* We have plans to update the app to be compatible with iOS 11 and later versions in the future, but it may take time before this takes place.
* Regarding compatibility with versions iOS 11 and later, we will update this notice to notify any changes.
We apologize for the disturbance this may cause to players using affected devices, but we thank you for your understanding as we resolve the issue.