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Server Maintenance
2018/01/05 01:15 from KING'S KNIGHT

Maintenance Notification (Jan.9) (Edited Jan.9 7:00 a.m.)

*Edited 7:00 a.m., January 9, 2018 (GMT) / 11:00 p.m., January 8, 2018 (PST)

System maintenance was completed on schedule at the time below.
Thank you for your cooperation.

We will be performing maintenance on KING'S KNIGHT at the times below.
During this time, players will be unable to play KING'S KNIGHT.

We ask that you complete or otherwise exit any quest you may be playing prior to the start of maintenance period.

*If the system maintenance begins while you are playing through a quest, you may not be able to complete the quest or receive quest rewards properly.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Maintenance Period
From 3:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., January 9, 2018 (GMT)
From 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., January 8, 2018 (PST)
*End time may be subject to change.

- Version update implementation

・In preparation for the Auto-battle feature implementation scheduled for the second half of January, the quest maps for The Kholka Hill I, II, and III have been shortened.
In conjunction with this change, we will reset the score ranking for these quests.

・Thief’s counter ability has been modified.
-Thief can now attack while using the counter ability.
-Thief becomes invincible for a short time after their counter ability is used successfully.

・Bingo mission rewards are now viewable by tapping on the first square of a Bingo line.

- The following bug listed in "Known Issues" has been fixed:
■When a player’s maximum number of Spins per day have been used, and the player spins the maximum number of times the following day, the Spin button doesn’t go dark, but remains in a state where the button can be tapped again.

- The following bug listed in "Known Issues" has been fixed:
■If the date changes while the Spin screen is displayed, the figure indicating the maximum number of Spins left doesn’t get updated.

- The following bug listed in "Known Issues" has been fixed:
■Although it says “3 hit” for Sakura’s King’s Might “Floral Flurry,” there are times when it’s landing much more hits than that.

- The following bug listed in "Known Issues" has been fixed:
■No damages or increase in score gets registered when King’s Might is used on the Boss. The player can’t deal any damages to the enemies summoned by the boss Cuchulainn as well.
*This only applied to damage to the boss itself, not to their destroyable parts.

- Other minor bugs were also fixed.

Affected Users
All KING'S KNIGHT users.

We hope that you continue to enjoy playing KING'S KNIGHT.