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Regarding Mog Wardrobes

Mog Wardrobes are optional services acting as extensions of a player’s inventory, with weapons and armor stored able to be equipped at any time without taking up additional inventory slots. If you wish to use additional Mog Wardrobes on top of the two default Mog Wardrobes that come with your FINAL FANTASY XI service account, you can do so by subscribing to the "Mog Wardrobe Optional Service" on the SQUARE ENIX Account Management website. For additional information regarding Mog Wardrobes, feel free to check this link or refer to some of the frequently asked questions below:

What is the subscription period of the Mog Wardrobe?
The Mog Wardrobe’s subscription date will match the billing periods of your service account (PlayOnline ID) once registered.

How do the extra subscription charges work if I have days remaining on my current billing cycle and decide to start using the Mog Wardrobe?
In this situation, you will be charged a prorated fee according to the number of days remaining on your current subscription. The minimum charge is $1.00 USD.

Will a charge incur if I subscribe to the Mog Wardrobe during the Free Trial period?
No charge will incur for the first 30 days since you first subscribe to the recurring subscription option. A charge will incur if you plan to continue to use the Mog Wardrobe after the free trial period ends. In this case you will be billed after the free trial period ends.

Will I lose items currently in my Mog Wardrobe when the Optional Service subscription ends?
Any items stored in the expanded Mog Wardrobe will not be removed or deleted when a subscription ends. By simply reactivating the Mog Wardrobe Optional Service at a later date, you can once again deposit and retrieve all the items stored in your additional Mog Wardrobes.

Is it possible to check items currently in my Mog Wardrobes when the Optional Subscription ends?
Yes. All items stored in your additional Mog Wardrobes will still be displayed even if the subscription ends, but will not be accessible until you have subscribed to the service once again.

Can I reactivate any Mog Wardrobes that became inaccessible at the end of my subscription period?
You are free to reactivate or deactivate Mog Wardrobes at your convenience. Please note that if you decide to cancel a Mog Wardrobe service before the subscription period ends, you will still have access to that Mog Wardrobe until the end of that subscription period.

I want to stop the recurring subscription to Mog Wardrobes.
The option to stop recurring subscription to your Mog Wardrobe Optional Service can be accessed from the SQUARE ENIX Account Management System.  Turning this option off for your FINAL FANTASY XI service account will cause it to be displayed in “Canceled Optional Services”.*

* The feature can be used until the subscription end date.
* You may resume the recurring subscription without incurring a charge if it is before the subscription end date.