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Regarding World Mergers

As some Worlds' populations may not be high enough to ensure a fun playing experience for all, we have made the decision to consolidate the populations of multiple servers in what we call a World Merge. We analyzed the number of simultaneous connections to each World, and decided that it would be best to merge some of these Worlds to allow players to enjoy all the content the game has to offer. The merged Worlds will take the name of the Destination Worlds:

Source World Destination World
 Fairy    → Sylph
 Kujata    → Valefor
 Remora    → Leviathan
 Midgardsormr → Quetzarcoatl
 Hades    → Cerberus
 Seraph    → Bismarck
 Garuda    → Lakshmi
 Pandemonium → Asura

Here are some answers to questions you may have regarding the process:

When did these World Merges occur?
Three World Merges have occurred in the past. The following Worlds were removed:
 -January 14, 2003: Ixion, Typhon, Kirin
 -March 22, 2010: Pandemonium, Garuda, Kujata, Seraph, Midgardsormr, Fairy, Remora, Hades
 -May 9, 2011: Titan, Ramuh, Alexander, Ifrit, Diabolos, Caitsith, Unicorn, Gilgamesh
What happens if someone else has the same name as me on the new World?
The player character on the Destination World is given priority. If a character being moved to that World has the same name as an existing character, they will need to change it. If this change is necessary, your character name at the character selection screen before login will be displayed in yellow. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the change.

Please be aware that unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your character name will be kept.

Is there any effect on character data, such as levels or items, due to the World Merge?
There is no effect on character data. However, the following items may be destroyed during the merge, so please ensure they are on your character beforehand:
 -Items in the delivery screen on the delivery NPC, or items/Gil in transit 
 -Items in the Mog House Post 
 -Items or Gil deposited in the Auction House 
 -Opened linkshells, pearlsacks or linkpearls

Please note that we cannot reimburse any items lost in the merge which fit the above criteria. We apologize for the inconvenience.

I would like to play on a newly merged World with a good population. Can I use the World Transfer Service to transfer there?
Yes. However, should a World become too over/underpopulated due to migrations, we will offer transfers to balance populations, or in severe cases, split/merge these Worlds. 
Should a character move to an overpopulated server, they may need to re-migrate. Please note we cannot stop this or offer a refund.

What will happen to Besiege records after the World Merge?
The records on the Destination World will be used.

What happens to character name addresses after a merge?
If your character name changes as a result of the merge, your character name address will also become invalid. A new address with your new name and World will be generated automatically, so please change your settings accordingly. Please note that even though your character name address is void, your Content ID(s) will still be active. If you use a recurring payment option, such as a credit card, you will continue to be billed for your subscription.

What happens to the inscriptions on wedding rings and other equipment if the character name is changed after the Worlds are merged?
In the event that the character name was changed after the World Merge, the previous inscriptions on items will still retain the old name. However, inscriptions on wedding rings can be updated. If you wish to change the inscription on the ring to the new character name, please place a GM call from within the game using the /helpdesk command. Please be aware, inscriptions on other items cannot be changed.

Will there be more World Merges in the future?
This hasn't been decided yet.