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Some Prohibited Activities in FINAL FANTASY XI

In order to maintain a fair, welcoming, and safe environment for players, SQUARE ENIX strictly forbids activities that negatively affect players’ or third parties’ experiences related to FINAL FANTASY XI, or that negatively affect any SQUARE ENIX service. SQUARE ENIX may penalize users who engage in prohibited activities in, or in connection with, FINAL FANTASY XI or other SQUARE ENIX services at SQUARE ENIX’s sole discretion. Here is a non-exhaustive list of prohibited actions and activities in FINAL FANTASY XI.

Monster Holding
Monster holding refers to instances wherein a player holds a monster to maintain claim on the monster. This is especially prevalent with monsters that a large amount of players are interested in, such as  Notorious Monsters. Cases where there are no signs of effort to defeat a monster can be considered grief tactics. Monster holding can also be defined as a player or group of players attempting to regulate the time that a monster appears by keeping it claimed with the intention to shift its spawn time by delaying its defeat. 

In an effort to maintain an enjoyable game environment, the GM staff may intervene and take appropriate action, such as instructing the player to either engage the monster in combat in an attempt to defeat it or release the claim on the monster in question. Players that do not follow a GM's instructions will become subject to account disciplinary actions.

As of August 2005, some specific monsters become more powerful after a certain amount of time has passed as an anti-holding measure. GMs will no longer interfere with these particular monsters.

Spamming the Chat Log
Spamming ‘/tell’, ‘/random’ or skill increment logs repeatedly to prevent other players' from chatting or otherwise using their log, regardless of intention, may result in GMs taking disciplinary action. Please be aware of what you are generating in the chat log and be mindful of others in the area.

Inappropriate Names
Discrimination or slander of ethnicity, race, religion, or gender is prohibited. A character named with the purpose of discriminating or otherwise harassing another player will not be tolerated and may result in action being taken against the offending account. When found, players will be prompted to change the offensive name, with possible disciplinary action taken against the account. Leaders of inappropriately named linkshells will be instructed to delete the linkshell, and action may be taken against them as well. Names that resemble the spelling or pronunciation of inappropriate expressions are also prohibited.

Unfair Advantage from Game Exploits
Players who take advantage of in-game mechanics not intended as normal means of gameplay may have their account suspended and all items or experience obtained through those actions confiscated.  If you notice any kind of irregular mechanic that may be considered an exploit, such as using the game’s geometry to safely attack a monster without fear of being attacked or using items repeatedly without affecting the number of items in inventory in order to increase your synthesis skill, please feel free to consult a GM by using the /helpdesk command. 

Third-party Program Usage
Use of any third-party program that affects gameplay is prohibited, whether or not it benefits the user. If an investigation, including log checks and other standard investigation procedures, reveals that the player has gained an unfair advantage from use of a third-party program, the account holder will be punished.

If you have witnessed players moving at unusual speeds or otherwise exhibiting strange behavior, please contact a GM to look into the matter. GMs may also approach players during the investigation, and your cooperation will be appreciated.

Using the name of a SQUARE ENIX employee or its likeness
Character names of SQUARE ENIX employees are not permitted, as they are misleading and a source of confusion that leads to disruption of gameplay. Actions or comments that impersonate an employee of SQUARE ENIX will be severely punished. 

If someone contacts you claiming to be a member of the SQUARE ENIX team and you are unsure, please feel free to send an inquiry by placing a GM call in-game. You can also contact the SQUARE ENIX Support Center by selecting "Additional Assistance" button located at the bottom of this Knowledge Base article.

This refers to actions such as blocking passages to Mog Houses in groups, gathering near Mog House or area entrances, or setting up bazaars in passages to prevent other players from passing. These actions are not explicitly considered violations, but GMs may approach players who do this and request them to move away from the spot. If the player is not present, GMs will leave a message and move the character to a nearby spot.