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KB Article: 76352
KB Category: [App-related]
KB Sub-category: [ App Errors]

Launch/Crash/Download issues with the app.

Please consult the possible solutions below if the app fails to start, crashes during gameplay, or encounters issues during download.

- An unstable network environment may cause the download to be interrupted. Please be sure you have a stable connection.
- Try turning your device off, waiting for a few minutes and turning it back on again. 
- If you have any resident apps running, please end them. If the file size of your wallpaper is large, please remove it.
*When quitting these resident apps, be sure to shut down the app through the task menu by pressing the HOME button twice.
- Having too much data already stored on your device and/or SD card will increase the likelihood of an error occurring. Try deleting unnecessary apps, images, and sound files.
- Delete browsing history, cookies, and cache from your internet browser.

- If your OS is not up to date, please update it to the latest version.
*Before you proceed with the update, please ensure that the version you are updating to is compatible with the app.

*If the app still fails to start, continues to crash, or does not download, please contact the SQUARE ENIX Support Center with the error message that is displayed.