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Which devices and operating systems are supported?

King’s Knight is supported on the following operating systems and devices.

・The following iOS devices with iOS 8.0 or above installed
 - iPhone5s (7th generation iPhone) or later
 - iPad Air (5th generation iPad) or later
 - iPad mini2 (2nd generation iPad min) or later
・Required storage space: 1G or more

・Android devices with Android 4.4 or above installed
・CPU: 1.2GHz or higher
・RAM: 2G  or more
・Required storage space: 1G  or more
*Even if the version of the Android OS is within the range of what is guaranteed to run properly, if it is not supported by OpenGL ES 3.0, the application may not run on some devices.

◆Please go to “Suggestions and Feedback” from the URL below to send any opinions or request regarding supported devices.

We shall see that this feedback is taken into consideration when determining how to manage the game.

* “Opinions and Requests” and “Bug Reports” are solely for making reports.  We do not send replies to individual users.