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What does the transfer from PlayOnline ID to a Square Enix account entail?

In order to better safeguard the account security of PlayOnline users and provide a more streamlined account management experience, transfer of PlayOnline IDs to the Square Enix Account System will begin at the end of July, 2011.


Please visit here for more information on Square Enix accounts.


* Transfer Period:

The transfer process will be available starting at the end of July, 2011 and is scheduled to last until mid fall 2011*. The exact deadline for transferring will be announced at a later date. Once the deadline has passed, access to PlayOnline and FINAL FANTASY XI will not be possible until the transfer process is completed.

*Note: We have extended the transfer cut-off date from the original deadline of August 31 in order to implement payment option improvements. Please visit here for more details.


* Transfer Process:

A walkthrough detailing the transfer process has been posted on the PlayOnline website at the following link. After the transfer process is complete, the user information registered to the Square Enix Account will act as the primary account information. 


* PlayOnline Functions:

All billing and account information management functions will be transferred from the PlayOnline Viewer to the Square Enix Account Management System, allowing for convenient web-based account management. Please see below for a complete list of functions: 

- Join PlayOnline

- PlayOnline Password Change

- Purchase/Cancelation/Review of Content IDs

- Payment Method Change

- Account History

- Registration of Expansion Packs

- Purchase of Optional Services

- Usage Details

- Campaign Registration


* Payment Methods:

Square Enix Crysta, debit cards, and credit cards will be viable payment methods after ID transfer. Debit and credit cards must support personal authentication services (such as 3D Secure) in order to be used.


* Logging into PlayOnline after the Transfer

Certain customers may be required to register their Square Enix account and PlayOnline ID before logging into PlayOnline.


* Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can credit cards without personal authentication services (such as 3-D secure) be used?

A: Cards without personal authentication services, such as 3-D secure, can still make payments using ClickandBuy International Ltd. and Ultimate Game Card® via PlaySpan, Inc.


3-D secure will be required only for cards that support and have been set up with it.


Q: How do reoccurring options work if I have Square Enix Crysta set as my payment method?

A: As long as you have a sufficient balance of Crysta on your account, the appropriate amount will be automatically deducted when the subscription is renewed.  However, if your balance is insufficient, the reoccurring option will be automatically canceled.


Q: Is it possible to add the exact amount of Square Enix Crysta required for my monthly subscription?

A: Yes, you will be able to add the exact amount of Square Enix Crysta. However, please note that there is a minimum purchase of 500 Crysta and a maximum purchase of 10,000 Crysta.


Q: If I add Square Enix Crysta to my account and use that to pay for my monthly subscription, will I be able use the remaining balance for my next payment?

A: Yes, you will be able to utilize the remaining balance for your next payment.


Q: What payment methods can be used to purchase Square Enix Crysta?

A: You can purchase Square Enix Crysta using a credit card or debit card via PlaySpan, Inc. or ClickandBuy International Ltd. Crysta Purchases can also be made with PayPal® or an Ultimate Game Card® via PlaySpan, Inc.


Q: What steps are required if I already have my PlayOnline account linked to a Square Enix account?

A: Customers who currently have their PlayOnline account linked with a Square Enix account will also be required to go through the transfer process. Please note that customers who currently have a link in place will be required to transfer their PlayOnline account to the Square Enix account it is linked to.


Q: How will this affect users who have multiple PlayOnline IDs linked to one Square Enix account?

A: You will need to complete the transfer process for each PlayOnline account currently linked to your Square Enix account. The transfer destination will be the Square Enix ID that is currently linked.


Q: My PlayOnline ID registration information is not up to date. Will this have any effect on the transfer?

A: This will have no effect on transfer, but please be diligent in keeping your information up-to-date. After the transfer, support will be performed through your Square Enix account instead of the PlayOnline ID. When obtaining your Square Enix account, please register with your updated information.


Q: Will the billing methods change?

A: Yes. Square Enix Crysta and credit cards will be viable payment methods after the transfer.


Q: Will this change affect PlayStation2 and Xbox 360 users or is this only for PC users?

A: The transfer will apply to customers on all platforms.


Q: Is it possible to register and transfer multiple PlayOnline IDs to multiple Square Enix accounts? What kind of impact would this have?

A: This is possible. The only difference would be that payment methods would need to be set up for each individual Square Enix account.


Q: Will I need a Square Enix Security Token to go through with the transfer process?

A: No, a Square Enix Security Token is not required for the transfer process. However, we strongly recommend acquiring a Square Enix Security Token to add an additional layer of security to your account.


Q: Will use of the PlayOnline Viewer be discontinued?

A: No, everyone will still be required to log into the PlayOnline Viewer in order to play FINAL FANTASY XI. Customers without a Square Enix account will be required to create one before logging into PlayOnline, however.


Q: Will we receive any bonus for going through the transfer?


A: Customers who complete the transfer early, by August 31, will receive a special in-game present as a token of appreciation from us. Please visit here for more details on this item.


Q: Is it possible to unlink my PlayOnline account from my Square Enix account?


A: If you wish to unlink your PlayOnline ID from a Square Enix account, please click on "Additional Assistance" below to contact the SQUARE ENIX Support Center prior to starting the transfer process. It is possible for your account to be unlinked, which would allow for you to choose a new Square Enix account to transfer to.


If you have already completed the transfer process and wish to transfer to a different Square Enix account, the procedure may take several days to complete.


Q: How will this transfer affect the users who are using a client from a region different from their account's region (i.e. customer living in North America but using Japanese game client)?


A: The transfer will not affect the customers that are using a client from a different region.


In addition, customers will not be required to have the region for their Square Enix account match the region for their PlayOnline account. However, please be aware of the following:


- Customers who currently have a link in place will be required to transfer their PlayOnline account to the Square Enix account it is linked to.

- Payment methods will differ depending on the region of the Square Enix account.

- The currency of fees (i.e. monthly subscription fee, World Transfer Service fee, fee for purchasing registration codes, etc.) will be based on the region for the Square Enix account

- If a customer wishes to register any additional content such as expansions, they will be required to use products from the PlayOnline ID’s region (i.e. customers with a North American PlayOnline ID will be required to acquire a product from the North American region).