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KB Article: 12805
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Copying the entire Macro Set (Book)

1. Display the Macro Set that you wish to copy and move the cursor to the options menu by pressing the ‘+’ key on numerical keypad.
2. While holding ‘+’, press and hold the ‘Ctrl’ or ‘Shift' key.
3. At the top of the screen, the message "Copy entire Macro Set" will appear.
4. Press "Copy" while holding ‘Ctrl’ or ‘Shift’ key to copy the set.
5. Use the up or down keys to move to the set you wish to paste onto, and move to option menu by pressing the ‘+’ key on the numeric keypad.
6. Press "Paste" while pressing and holding the ‘Ctrl’ or ‘Shift’ key. Select ‘Yes’ on the confirmation screen to copy the macro set.