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Use of 3rd Party Programs

3rd party programs, by definition, are programs made and distributed by an individual other than SQUARE ENIX, that impact gameplay in any way. Usage of any of these types of programs, regardless of if they give the player an unfair advantage over others or not, is strictly prohibited. 

The following are some examples of prohibited activities:
- Use of a program or tool within any PlayOnline service that allows any actions to be performed automatically and/or continuously
- Changing, combining, reverse engineering, or analyzing game data, as well as creating or distributing utility programs for such purposes
- Use of any unofficial program to the benefit of any users

* Please note that players who take advantage of unintended game features even without the use of unofficial programs may also face penalties, such as account suspension. If you become aware of any such issues, please report them to a GM or the Special Task Force immediately.

Any players caught using 3rd party programs will be severely penalized. If the investigation, which may include log checks and various other techniques, reveals that the player has gained an unfair advantage through usage of a 3rd party program, the account will be immediately suspended and reviewed for permanent account termination by the Account Administrator. 

If you have witnessed players exhibiting suspicious behavior causing disruptions in gameplay (i.e. moving at unusual speeds) please contact a GM so that the matter can be investigated.

GMs may approach players during the course of these investigations. Your cooperation is appreciated.

The usage of 3rd party programs disrupts the overall balance of game play and items obtained using this method can disrupt the economic stability of the game. Additionally, some unofficial programs contain viruses and spyware which can be harmful not only to the user of the program, but to other players as well. This can lead to personal data leaks, character deletion, and other unfortunate circumstances.

[How to Place a GM Call]
If you have witnessed behaviors outlined above, or have been directly affected by these actions, please contact a GM. Select the "Help Desk" -> "I want to report a violation of the PlayOnline Member Agreement" and place a call.

[The Special Task Force]
The Special Task Force is dedicated to stopping the use of both third-party programs and RMT-related activities. All data gathered by our GMs is also investigated by our Special Task Force. The Special Task Force allows us to take action against 3rd party program users and RMT-related activities in a manner that would not normally be possible using only GMs. 
To report an issue directly to the Special Task Force, please visit the official website at, select "Service & Support" then "Email Support" and click on the "Report to Special Task Force" link.