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KB Article: 52979
KB Category: [Technical Support]
KB Sub-category: [Crash / Freeze]

Screen freezes while playing the game.

If the screen freezes or you get a black screen, please check the following:

- If the issue occurs multiple times at the same spot, please check if the disc is scratched or dirty

- When the disc is dirty, please wipe the disc from the center to the outer circle lightly with soft cloth

- When there is no scratch and the disc is not dirty, the game machine may have some issues. Please try with other game machine to see if the game starts. If the game starts with other game machine, then please contact the support center of the game machine.

* If some discs does not start, game machine may have some issues. Also the information density of the disc is different, so some discs may not be read by the machine.

- If the disc is scratched, the scratch cannot be fixed.

* If the disc is scratched and the issue also occurs with other game machines, or you cannot try with the other machine, please contact us from the contact page.