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Using a Security Token

Once you have purchased a SQUARE ENIX Security Token (key-ring token), the device must be registered to a SQUARE ENIX account. To register the SQUARE ENIX Security Token, follow the directions below:

1) Log on your SQUARE ENIX account (
2) Under the ‘Services and Options’ section, click on ‘One-Time Password’.
3) Select ‘Adjust Security Token (key ring type) settings’.
4) Select ‘Security Token Registration’.
5) Accept the SQUARE ENIX Security Token Terms of Use.
6) Follow the on-screen instructions to register the device.

Once the Security Token is registered, you will then need to apply the following changes when you log into the following games:

In the PlayOnline Viewer, you will need to set the One-Time Password to ‘Use’ in the Member login settings. You will then enter the One-Time Password in the One-Time Password field when requested.

In the launcher you will need to enter the One-Time Password in the One-Time Password field.